Tuesday, May 10, 2011

so anyways, my computer caught on fire...

...and blog posts have been scarce.
here are some shitty poems:

i saw an empty bottle of
that whipped cream vodka and
i wondered where you were

there's food caught in
the crack where
my teeth tried to snap in half

everything is the
special version
of its worst self

Sunday, April 3, 2011

steppin' up my shoe game.

i've been a huge fan of irregular choice shoes for a long time, for having totally insane combinations of materials, prints, and constructions, paying lots of attention to detail, and making a quality shoe that won't fall apart after one evening. the interiors are often a bizarre and lush material (such as neon orange crushed velvet on 2 of the 3 pairs below) and they always have a cool print on the sole of the shoe. something like a robot with laser eyes or an elephant with hearts coming out of the trunk, or whatever. they even provide heel replacements with the shoes, so you can fix them yourself when the rubber wears down. this saturday i stumbled upon a selection of them (while looking for something that was actually practical) and consequently ended up at home with 3 pairs of these beauts.

(i wore these already, thus the creases and scuffs)

underemployed in pa

made this over the winter when i had 4 day weekends every week!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

photos from the interior

when my camera takes pictures inside my purse:

Monday, February 28, 2011

the end of an era

i have been working at Fabric Horse since graduation in 2008, and my time there is (fingers crossed) coming to an end. it was a great company, and a great first job. (cue Sarah Mclachlan's "i will remember you") here are some of the things i designed while there.

photos be Carrie Collins

Friday, February 25, 2011

tuco kitty!!!

patrick and i agreed to paint portraits of tuco, thomer's kitty. here is his. below is a sketch (yes, a sketch, i don't think this is a good painting) for my future attempt, with which i want to capture the brief yet terrifying period after she was "fixed" when she was possessed by Satan (with a capital s) for about 24 hours. stay tuned for finished painting.

glass fail

got a bunch of free glass, and tried to paint on it. here are some terrible pictures of my terrible fails.

after these dissappointing material experiments, i realized, maybe there are not many paintings on glass for a reason.

also, i need a tripod.




tried pressing acrylic paint between 2 sheets of glass, like a slide (after trying to paint with acrylic on the surface of the glass which was a total disaster)

ready for spring (a haiku)

frozen human spit
frozen puke between parked cars
frozen roadkill blood

Thursday, February 17, 2011