Wednesday, August 25, 2010

good medicine

the best thing for a cold? a hot toddy of course!

mix tea and whiskey. that's it.

add honey if you feel like it.

drink out of a ben franklin mug if you are awesome.

if you don't feel better, something is clearly wrong with you.

gnar gnar

so i needed to get from philadelphia to moorestown nj last weekend and being that i do not own an automobile, i ended up taking a train to haddonfield nj and riding my bicycle to moorestown. it was an interesting experience being on a bicycle in places where i had only driven, you can really get a good look at the details, for example:

it may be hard to tell, but this was a cat. it is now possibly the gnarliest piece of roadkill i have ever seen. at first i thought it had eaten a plastic bag, but no, that's its skin. it had been stripped of fur from being constantly run over by cars and tanned like leather from lying on the highway. you could've made a shoe out of this thing. GNARLAWESOME!

new digs

just moved this month, and i must say, i am very pleased with my new room. here are some of the highlights:

i am obscenely happy with this wall. guatemalan prayer masks from my brother, handlebar curtain rod extender (invented by yours truly) complete with skull stem, home made Rx bottle christmas lights, and trash picked (can't believe someone threw this away) leopard painting.

i have wanted a hanging plant since forever. now i have one. i can die happy.

bauhaus poster, prints by aaron cossrow and john sandy, bottle of blood courtesy of eric welch, my old volvo license plate, mec. doodle by andrew mccandlish, trash picked american flag, and a corny as hell dream catcher purchased at carnival in upstate pa approximately one eternity ago.

ceramic tiger, some material explorations from intro to furniture with the world's greatest human being, don miller, one armed army guy found in the sand at the jersey shore, and drunken pirate figurine.

some watercolor experiments

over the 3 days it took me to pack, move, and unpack, all i had was my watercolor kit, 1 brush, and my sketchbook. viola.

transcontinental doodles

some crap i drew on the plane from philadelphia to san francisco.

(crush and debauchery are the names of the strippers from whom i received 1/2 price lap dances. i wanted to remember their names in the morning.)

workin' in my workbook

Thursday, July 29, 2010

sloppy new friends

i was always frustrated with watercolors in the past, but i found this little $2.49 watercolor set under my bed and, turns out, i love it now! can't wait to move into my new room and start splashing around with these guys.

what's your dream job?

Saturday, July 24, 2010

crash city

managed to crash so awesomely, i bent a steel bike frame. injuries incurred already posted. (see darth bungle post, vs. spring garden st.)

Thursday, July 22, 2010

what do you when you can't find a drinking buddy?

make your drink into your buddy, of course!
(also, this doubles as a rattle.)

darth bungle

here are some of the ways i've managed to fuck myself up recently. enjoy!

vs. machete

vs. sprinklerhead

vs. redwood

vs. spring garden st.

vs. spring garden st.

yours truly

i wish i could remember how to actually draw. while i'm working on that, you'll have to settle for crap like this:

some texty things