Monday, February 28, 2011

the end of an era

i have been working at Fabric Horse since graduation in 2008, and my time there is (fingers crossed) coming to an end. it was a great company, and a great first job. (cue Sarah Mclachlan's "i will remember you") here are some of the things i designed while there.

photos be Carrie Collins

Friday, February 25, 2011

tuco kitty!!!

patrick and i agreed to paint portraits of tuco, thomer's kitty. here is his. below is a sketch (yes, a sketch, i don't think this is a good painting) for my future attempt, with which i want to capture the brief yet terrifying period after she was "fixed" when she was possessed by Satan (with a capital s) for about 24 hours. stay tuned for finished painting.

glass fail

got a bunch of free glass, and tried to paint on it. here are some terrible pictures of my terrible fails.

after these dissappointing material experiments, i realized, maybe there are not many paintings on glass for a reason.

also, i need a tripod.




tried pressing acrylic paint between 2 sheets of glass, like a slide (after trying to paint with acrylic on the surface of the glass which was a total disaster)

ready for spring (a haiku)

frozen human spit
frozen puke between parked cars
frozen roadkill blood

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Thursday, February 10, 2011


recently i attended a lecture on hyperbolic crochet,"Diana Taimina: folding mathematics, craft, and art", the bulk of which was about the awesome geometric powers of the hyperbolic plane. they're basically like "hey Euclidian geometry, fuck you." for example, on a hyperbolic plane,
a²+b²≠c². also, you can create lines that are not parallel, but never intersect. it is impossible to create a grid of squares (in which all lines intersect at 90°) on a hyperbolic plane. i was all "whaaaaaaaaa(t)!?!?!? and took a stab at it myself. (i am still working on this one, it's about the size of a soccer ball right now, but i'd like to make it much bigger.)

this is her blog about crochet and non-euclidian geometry:

i had trouble finding good pictures of her work, but there are a few on her blog. they're hard to appreciate without seeing them in person, most of the pieces are pretty gigantic (which is awesome).

raptor cannon!