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it's true.

black hole.

too much scribble = wrinkle.

poor man's bloody mary.

1. mix equal parts v8 and biggest/cheapest.
2. drink it.

this wasn't in my job description...

how Fabric Horse gets to the post office:

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we could never kiss...

scribble obsession

is it just me, or is this book the worst?

Possibly the biggest waste of time and paper ever. This shit really grinds my gears.

Here is an image of the cover. As you can see, this is a book. A book about complaining. As if there wasn't enough complaining and negativity in the world. Now some prick, actually 3 pricks, are GETTING PAID AND PUBLISHED for COMPLAINING. (I'm aware of the fact that I'm complaining about it, which contradicts everything I seem to be trying to accomplish here, but...whatever. I do what I want).

Here is a bit from the blurb inside the front cover. I don't even know where to begin with how much this type of garbage burns me up. Everything is not shit. Have you been outside? Have you ever had fun? Do you have friends? You probably have like 73824713471341 friends because you spend all your time writing books about how much you hate everything. People LOVE that.

Also, "the standard reference for everyone who believes that everything is shit". Oh great, I've been waiting for an encyclopedia-style reference for all the papers i need to do on how much i want to KILL YOU FOR WRITING THIS.

What is your problem?!?!?! Dance music is awesome! Have you ever tried, I dunno', dancing to it? Plus he spends half of this entry talking about moving mountains or something... further proof that dance music rules and you don't know what you're talking about. Also, nobody ever thought dance music was "the future of everything". That is not the story of dance music.

This guy hates doctors. Best of luck to you when you discover you have prick cancer, which is caused by being such a prick.

As ridiculous as some of the stuff in the Guinness Book of World Records is, at least people are getting off their asses and trying to do something no one's ever done. It seems a lot more interesting and worthwhile than, say, writing a book about things that you don't like. Just sayin'